Social & Digital Media Content Package
Included in 1 Year Maintenance Plan

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Remember a Pretty Website is not a Strategy,

you need a Website Strategy that sells your Products and Services.

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This placeholder is using a video by Connect the Dots Youtube Channell until I create my own content. Click to learn more about Connect the Dots. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCif8KTn_zHHxg3KFNG6LvLQ

DIgital VIdeo Content

Video with Subtitles

Video content can be used on all Platforms:

I can create Video content from your footage, use stock footage or Graphics

Banner Example from www.webmate.ie

Banners - Thumbnails

Correctly sized Banners, thumbnails, and graphics for all your channels.


All social media site have different requirements.

SEO and Content Marketing

Social Media and SEO

Getting on the first page of Google is great. But it will cost. The better strategy is to focus on making your website relevant to you clients and potential clients.

Content Marketing is key to your strategy and compliments your other strategies.

Photography Services for Websites

Good Photography

From running my own businesses I can bring good photography to the table and enhance your website content.

Having said that, if you have a decent phone, you can create your own content and you just need templates and guidance on how to present it to our customers

Schools Welcome Message for Sept 2020 with Sub-titles

If you have mobile phone footage, pictures and some basic text and messages, I can put together a nice welcome message for your schools new intake.

Great for Junior infants and for children returning to school after the Lock Down
Also note the Subtitles added in to enhance the content

Video Content created from stock footage and graphics

If you do not have any video content,
you can still create nice video postings using stock footage
If you are on my maintenance plan I can supply this type of content customised to your busienss

Thumbnails and SEO for Youtube Videos

With Youtube content it helps to have good thumbnails put onto your youtube videos. Videos do not need to be longIf you break down your content to 1m to 5 min sizes,  you can label each section differently.
You can also optimise each section for a specific issue,  making it easier for someone looking for a specific solution to find you.


GalwayPhotobooth | Social Digital Media | Web Development and Support Services
StudioBooth Square1 | Social Digital Media | Web Development and Support Services

Facebook Posts, Instagram posts

In a visual world, you need to be able to cut through all the content out there.

If you are running Adds or promotions you will need to have good content in the right sizes to post to your Facebook., Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram Accounts.

Content Marketing Plan

Content Marketing and a General Social Media Plan is really important if you are in the marketplace for new customers


Content Marketing
Online Payment Systems

Online Payment Systems

Payment Systems requirement will vary based on your business.
Are you selling directly consumer products to your customers or are you invoicing at the end of a project
Whatever your requirement, you can tailor a payment system to suit your needs

Booking and Calander Systems

Again depending on your sector you may have a requirement for a booking or resource allocation system
For example, a Haordress at the moment will benifit from a good online system that is mobile friendly and specific to time, date, hairdresser and service description.

Online Booking Systems