Here are some links for Template that can be used to get your new website designed quickly

For a New  Website this is the quickest way to get started

It is better to make a start and when you better understand your customers, based on Data and Customer Feedback, you can then develop a more custom website

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WordPress & Self Hosting

For a new small business Would recommend that you start to use WordPress for your new Website.   There are other options out there,  but I would argue that you need to own your data.

NOTE:   If you host your own WordPress website,   you have control of your data.

I also recommend that you own and pay for your own hosting account.   I would avoid paying your web developer for the hosting.   This means that if any issues emerge with your web developer you are in a position to change to a new developer or take control of the site yourself.

This would be the safest option.

You can continue to engage your web developer to maintain your site, and develop more capabilities and features on your site under a defined maintenance agreement.

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Site Builder & Templates


WordPress 5.5 is coming out this year and is a very powerful open-source platform. For my existing sites, I have been using the DIVI Builder Platform for the past few years but it can be a little complicated.

For a new business, I would suggest using the existing WordPress Builder with the Qubely Build addon.   I can provide a license for you at a discount.

The Qubely Builder co-habits with wordpress and delivers a very fast website for your investment.

Remember Business Sites do not need to look pretty,  look at www.amazon.ie. 

They need to be clear, clean and fast.   And they need to look good and load fast on Smart Phones.


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Content and Content Marketing


Simply building a Website is only 10% of the battle.   You will need good content and information on your website.  Otherwise, people will not return to your website.
This is actually the hardest part of building and maintaining a website.  How many websites do you know that never change or seem to be abandoned?   You will find this with school and community websites.   They can get someone to build the website,  but never appoint people to maintain it and update it regularly.

It’s complex subject area.  If you want to start to learn about content marketing click to the page by Neil Patel,  a well know guru on content marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) .



Franie | Template Showcase | Web Development and Support Services

This website was developed for www.fran.ie

It’s a Gallery Website with  e-commerce capability

Clients can select and buy photos online

Also photos can be selected for albums with and design approval process

Click here for www.fran.ie